May - IBM Business Partner New Way to Learn IBM Sametime 9 Installation Woes and Proactive Repairs
February - IBM Connect "One Firm's Wild Ride to the Cloud"
February - Israel Translators Association 2017 Conference Speaker
Presentation "18+ Ways to Help Clients Love You"
SpeedGeeking sessions on Advanced Backups and Fixing Your Own Computer
The Times of Israel Guest Blogger
February 1 - "Stop Raising Haters"
January 1 - "Seeing Snow for the First Time, in Israel, on Hanukkah"

September - ICON UK Presentation: "Migration: Impossible Not So"
February - Israel Translators Association 2016 Conference
Sessions presented: "What Were You Thinking? Worst Translation Practices" and
"My Dog Ate My translation Assignment - And Other Stories of Lost Documents"
February - "Getting From No, to Know" published in Targima Magazine
April - AdTech 2016 Conference Master of Ceremonies
May - IBM Business Partner New Way to Learn Guest Speaker on Mail Migrations
May 31 - Guest post for The RockTeam titled You have been in IT for years
IBM Middleware User Community Guest Blogger
September - Noah, The Watson Robot
August - Upgrading to the Latest Code Might Not Be a Good Idea
The Times of Israel Guest Blogger
October 27 - "better Read Those Corporate Annual Meeting Amendments">
August 12 - The 2 year Aliyahversary
August 9 - 4 Down, 3.5 to Go
June 9 - I Want to Tell You
March 14 - This is NOT My Torah

August - Quoted and particpated in a panel discussion for the Accelerating Business Transformations Report from BPI Network Transform to Better Perform Communtiy
August - Quoted in The Data Center Journal Business Leaders Want a New Scorecard for the IT Group
The Times of Israel Guest Blogger
November 22 - Israeli Research Team Has Cured Cancer
August 12 - 1st Year Done, Lifetime Left for the Journey
August 11 - Aliyah, The Greatest Cult
July 13 - OMG! You Made Aliyah and Brought Tuna?!
June 15 - Practical Pettiness
May 22 - A Rabbi Walks into a Social Media Stream
February 27 - Hey BDS People, Divest Yourselves
February 12 - Making Aliyah? Think About These Excuses

Co-author of IBM Redbooks "Making the move to IBM Connections 4.5 and IBM Connections Content Manager"

Video - "How To Become A Dual IBM Champion"

IBM Social Business Insights Blog(Not all Links are working , this will be fixed shortly)
October 15 - Who saw your slides? Six more tips on getting more shares (Part 2)
October 7 - Who saw your slides? Four tips on getting more shares (Part 1)
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June 10 - Curbing your social media habits once a week
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January 30 - Social Lessons from the 3 L's

Video - "Realizing the Value of social Business"

Video - "How Social Business Improves Productivity"

IBM Social Business Insights Blog(Not all Links are working , this will be fixed shortly)
December 27 - New Year's Resolution: Turning that No into a Yes!
October 23 - The Power of 30: It Takes 30 Days and 30 People

The Daily Blogma Site
March - Post on Carol Roth's website, 60+ Ways to Leverage & Use Twitter to Grow Your Business
January - Co-author of "IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino Administration"

LTAP 2010 - Virtual Conference, "If You Only Knew, What your Server Was Saying", Audio download here

September - The View article "Which Quickr Services Are Right for You?"
August - Case Study in "The Social Factor" by Maria Azua, Page 112
January - The View article "Choose the IBM Lotus Sametime Client That's Right for You"

December - Quoted in Pleasant Hill, California Tries Risky Muni Wi-Fi
June - Quoted in CIO Magazine article, that also appeared in Macworld, "iPhone 2.0: What CIOs Want to See in Apple's Next-Gen Smartphone"

April - Quoted in CIO Magazine article, "Getting Clueful: Five Things You Should Know About Fighting Spam"

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