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February - IBM Think in San Francisco
     Lightning Talk "Why I, and you, (should) Love Domino"
     Presentation "Why This Global Law Firm Does Not Miss Deadlines"
May - Engage Conference in Brussels
     Presentation #1 "Shout IT Out Loud"
     Presentation #2 "Users Complaints and How to Deal With Them"
June - NCUG (Nordic Collaboration User Group)
     Presentation #1 Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me Notes Could Do That
     Presentation #2 Admin Hacks for Users and Admins Sanity

February - ITA - Israel Translators Association 2018 Conference
     Presentation Faster Translations Start With A Faster Computer
February - IBM Think in Las Vegas
     Presentation #1 Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Body Language and More
     Presentation #2 I'm a LEGO Man Living in a Duplo World
April - Social Connections Conference in Philadelphia
     Presentation Breaking the Unwritten Rules to Help Your Users
May - Engage Conference in Rotterdam
     Presentation "Pointing Fingers? DDM to the Rescue"

May - IBM Business Partner New Way to Learn IBM Sametime 9 Installation Woes and Proactive Repairs
February - IBM Connect "One Firm's Wild Ride to the Cloud"
February - Israel Translators Association 2017 Conference
Presentation "18+ Ways to Help Clients Love You"
SpeedGeeking sessions on Advanced Backups and Fixing Your Own Computer

The Times of Israel Guest Blogger
February 1 - "Stop Raising Haters"
January 1 - "Seeing Snow for the First Time, in Israel, on Hanukkah"

September - ICON UK Presentation: "Migration: Impossible Not So"
February - Israel Translators Association 2016 Conference
Sessions presented: "What Were You Thinking? Worst Translation Practices" and
"My Dog Ate My translation Assignment - And Other Stories of Lost Documents"
February - "Getting From No, to Know" published in Targima Magazine
April - AdTech 2016 Conference Master of Ceremonies
May - IBM Business Partner New Way to Learn Guest Speaker on Mail Migrations
May 31 - Guest post for The RockTeam titled You have been in IT for years

IBM Middleware User Community Guest Blogger
September - Noah, The Watson Robot (IBM has changed links, looking for it)
August - Upgrading to the Latest Code Might Not Be a Good Idea(IBM has changed links, looking for it)

The Times of Israel Guest Blogger
October 27 - "better Read Those Corporate Annual Meeting Amendments">
August 12 - The 2 year Aliyahversary
August 9 - 4 Down, 3.5 to Go
June 9 - I Want to Tell You
March 14 - This is NOT My Torah

April - Social Connections Conference in Boston
     Presentation"Email vs. Status Updates"
August - Quoted and particpated in a panel discussion for the Accelerating Business Transformations Report from BPI Network Transform to Better Perform Communtiy
August - Quoted in The Data Center Journal Business Leaders Want a New Scorecard for the IT Group(Link broken, looking for a new link)
November - SUTOL - Czech Lotus User Group Conference 2015
     Presentation "Domino Domain Monitoring, Letting Admins Sleep Later and Stay at Pubs Longer Since 2005"

November Social Connections Conference in Stuttgart
     Presentation "Technology and Religion, an explanation can be found on my blog here

The Times of Israel Guest Blogger
November 22 - Israeli Research Team Has Cured Cancer
August 12 - 1st Year Done, Lifetime Left for the Journey
August 11 - Aliyah, The Greatest Cult
July 13 - OMG! You Made Aliyah and Brought Tuna?!
June 15 - Practical Pettiness
May 22 - A Rabbi Walks into a Social Media Stream
February 27 - Hey BDS People, Divest Yourselves
February 12 - Making Aliyah? Think About These Excuses

Co-author of IBM Redbooks "Making the move to IBM Connections 4.5 and IBM Connections Content Manager"

Video - "How To Become A Dual IBM Champion"

IBM Social Business Insights Blog(Not all Links are working , this will be fixed shortly)
October 15 - Who saw your slides? Six more tips on getting more shares (Part 2)
October 7 - Who saw your slides? Four tips on getting more shares (Part 1)
August 16 - What scares Dracula about being social?
June 10 - Curbing your social media habits once a week
May 8 - IBM Champions make an Impact: Video Blog
May 4 - What if the Death Star got social and Darth Vader ruled?
April 25 - Making time for social
January 30 - Social Lessons from the 3 L's

Video - "Realizing the Value of social Business"

Video - "How Social Business Improves Productivity"

IBM Social Business Insights Blog(Not all Links are working , this will be fixed shortly)
December 27 - New Year's Resolution: Turning that No into a Yes!
October 23 - The Power of 30: It Takes 30 Days and 30 People

The Daily Blogma Site
March - Post on Carol Roth's website, 60+ Ways to Leverage & Use Twitter to Grow Your Business
January - Co-author of "IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino Administration"

LTAP 2010 - Virtual Conference, "If You Only Knew, What your Server Was Saying", Audio download here

September - The View article "Which Quickr Services Are Right for You?"
August - Case Study in "The Social Factor" by Maria Azua, Page 112
January - The View article "Choose the IBM Lotus Sametime Client That's Right for You"

December - Quoted in Pleasant Hill, California Tries Risky Muni Wi-Fi
June - Quoted in CIO Magazine article, that also appeared in Macworld, "iPhone 2.0: What CIOs Want to See in Apple's Next-Gen Smartphone"

April - Quoted in CIO Magazine article, "Getting Clueful: Five Things You Should Know About Fighting Spam"

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